"I just got out of the best shower I think I've ever had! Oh my goodness that scrub was AMAZING! I have seen them around for ages and never really thought much of them and in fact if I hadn't of met you I probably never would have tried one! I didn't want to stop scrubbing! It was such a nice experience and my skin is glowing actually it's like my whole body is glowing from the inside out! And the oils left behind after the wash is so luxurious! The effect of that all over body hydration was so lush! And I love the smell too. I can smell your scrub throughout the entire house it's so lovely!" -Carly

"I love your products!! I have had dermatitis for years and it gets even worse with the use of chemicals and the creams prescribed don't work long term, so I was really interested when I heard about your new venture. I can use the scrubs and my arms and hands stay clear and don't dry out for days. It works like a protective barrier and best of all it's not heavy. And it's so easy to use being in the glass jar is really practical and it lasts for ages - a little really does go far. I can't wait to try different flavours" -Wendie 

"I purchased a jar of the After Dinner Mint body scrub about a month back,I have used it a few times now and are completely wrapped with this product . The way it makes my skin soft and glow, the devine smell, the feeling like you have just had a spa experience within your own shower! This is by far the best scrub I have ever purchased and I will be recommending Mood Skin Indulgence to everyone I know. You can tell by the quality of this product that a lot of love, heart and soul goes into creating such a great product. I will definitely be back to purchase more scrubs in the future. ☺️☺️❤️" -Natalie

"After helping out with logo design and labels - I finally got my own scrub! And it is nothing less than absolutely amazing!! My skin never felt so good. It's so calming and nourishing and the subtle lemon smell was fabulous! All I can say is this won't be my last pot of sugar scrub from Mood" -Minette

"Wow just wow! I enjoyed your coffee scrub this morning it was the most indulgent shower I've ever had. My skin feels amazing and I smell devine. Thank you MooD skin indulgence you've helped my day start out the right way" -Darlene

"...the smell was just divine. I simply adore the luxury of your body scrub and how incredibly smooth and rejuvenated my skin feels after using it! This is totally going to be a part of my new self-pampering routine" -Lysa

I love the MooD sugar scrubs, as I have aged, my skin became very dry but since I have been using these sugar scrubs my skin feels like it used to smooth and soft! -Cheryl